Replace Packing in Airlocks and Rotary Valves









What Is The MECO-PAC Seal? 

The MECO-PAC is an elastomer-driven, MECO seal designed to replace packing in stuffing boxes. It is used primarily in airlocks and rotary valves, where no installation clearance exists for an externally-mounted seal.

Like other MECO seals, the MECO-PAC seals on a plane perpendicular to the shaft, eliminating abrasive damage to the shaft caused by packing or lip seals. The MECO-PAC has proven effective in maintaining pressure differential across airlocks, without the frequent adjustments required by packings.

  What Construction Is Available?

The MECO-PAC is available in several materials, for service in a wide variety of products, including food and pharmaceutical products, abrasives, hazardous and toxic materials. The MECO-PAC’s function is identical to that of the MECO EAS seal.

While the MECO-PAC can be built fully split, most installations do not offer sufficient radial clearance for split parts, and the seal is usually manufactured unsplit.

The MECO-PAC requires a minimum 5/16" packing section, a minimum bore depth of 1.313", and an air or gas purge of approximately ½ CFM at 3-5 psig.

MECO-PAC seals should only be used in applications where there is no possibility of installing an external seal. MECO-PAC seals can easily be damaged by overtightening. Since there is no external indication that the packing gland contains anything other than ordinary packing, it is essential that operating personnel be carefully trained, and made aware that the MECO-PAC is in place.



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