Installation Ready Gas Panel




 The MECO IS-301L (left access) or MECO IS-301R (right access) compressed gas panel utilizes a precision, low pressure regulator with capacity for high flow during non-steady-state, upset conditions or high runout service. The unit provides transducers for remote display, minimizes pressure creep, measures flow rates and is arranged on a 30 cm (1ft) x 60 cm (2ft) stainless steel panel and includes stainless U-bolts for easy mounting.

 Custom panel configurations available on request.






All-analog panels, IS-501L and IS-501R, for left or right access, are also available. They feature the same, precision regulator as IS-301L and IS-301R, with a standard, variable-area flowmeter. With no on-board electronics, these panels are also ideal for ATEX environments where process control system interface is not required.

Custom panel configurations available on request.