Replace Packing in Airlocks and Rotary Valves











  What is MECO’s MB Seal? 

The MECO-MB seal model is an elastomer driven, contacting face seal designed to fit inside of an existing stuffing box. It is not available in a split configuration. It is only available for specific, true running equipment, dimensionally accurate and with minimal runout (≤1mm or 1/32”).

  When is MECO’s MB Seal The Best Option?  

The MECO-MB is a proven solution for service on rotary feeders and airlocks in abrasive service, temperatures up to 260C (500F) and  up to a 1 bar (100 kPa or 15 psig) pressure differential. Spring loading may be considered when space and method of equipment assembly permit

  How does the MB Seal work?

The seal uses the existing gland follower to set the seal faces in contact and a compressed gas barrier fluid to isolate the process from the atmosphere. Typically a 1 Bar ( 100kPa or 15 Psig) regulated setting pressure is needed inside the stuffing box.

  What Construction Is Available? 

The MECO-MB is available in several materials. Various formulas of bearing grade ptfe based materials and other polymeric materials may be considered for the rotating seal faces. The stationary seals faces are typically 300 series stainless steel with hardened stainless steel an option. Typical elastomers for the O-rings and drive elastomer are either silicone or Viton®.
The material consideration is based on application parameters such as: abrasiveness, food or pharmaceutical compatibility, hazardous or toxic processes and temperatures.
The seal is not available split and is designed per application since there are no standards on rotary feeders and airlocks.


  What sizes are available? 

The Meco-MB requires a minimum stuffing box cross-section of 8mm (5/16”) x 34mm (1-5/16”) deep. Since the seal is designed per application, a variety of sizes are possible, but the actual cross-section of the equipment is required for Meco engineers to design for your space.